No More Cold Hands, Cold Feet: Out Of The Deep Freeze: The Essential Guide To Thyroid Health

  • Publish Date: 2015-11-07
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Author: Dan Purser MD
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No More Cold Hands, Cold Feet: Out of the Deep Freeze, The Essential Guide to Thyroid Problems

Do you suffer from hypothyroidism, thyroid fatigue, a thyroid problem, cold hands and feet, thyroid nodules, hair loss, dry brittle nails hair skin, thyroid storms, thyroiditis, Graves disease, thyroid resistance and thyroid medication questions? Youve just been told by your doctor (in your 2 & 1/2 minutes of allotted time) that your thyroid is fine (or levels area good) he/she hands you a prescription with a warning that theres no reason to take more than this. You are sad because youve suffered from cold hands/feet, fatigue and depression for many years and the 14 different doctors youve seen have not helped. Or explained why. And you crawl out the door feeling beat by the system -- was that a health care visit or a computer visit? What just happened? Welcome to modern medicine -- you have a thyroid condition and you're just going to be cold, tired, and undertreated...


70% of the US population eventually become hypothyroid many going undiagnosed. Journey now with Dr Dan Purser as he takes a patient through the diagnosis of hypothyroidism, showing you how you should be treated properly working through common vitamin deficiencies (research studies are full of these) with natural options, explains why some patients need a LOT more thyroid (resistance) and shows how his team treats thyroid so the patient is symptoms free using all the natural tools of his research world. So you are not crazy or cursed for life its a common disease often caused by or worsened by intracellular vitamin deficiencies, and how you too can absolutely pin down the exact hormone deficiencies with which your body had been dealt, and properly use all natural options to flip your fatigue back to incredible energy, improve your heart and brain health in the process, and get sexier and more beautiful while you do it!

The newest book from best-selling (11 #1 books on Amazon) author Dan Purser MD.

Learn how most of the US population develops this common disorder hypothyroidism -- and up to 70% actually have the disease they have antibody problems, zinc deficiency, and lack of selenium in their diet and its killing them, and possibly you. (And he discusses the reason why most doctors tend to undertreat thyroid problems or to possibly misunderstand them.)

Learn about the meaning of thyroid resistance, cold hands and feet, thyroid function, thyroid cancer symptoms, hypothyroidism,Hashimotos, hyperthyroidism, gland, cancer, symptoms, hypothyroidism, hormone, hormones, breast, disease, problems, iodine, treatment, healthy, thyroiditis, disorders, causes, the thyroid gland, thyroid hormone, the thyroid, thyroid gland, low thyroid, symptoms causes, thyroid cancer, underactive thyroid, graves condition, as you find out how to use various thyroid medications (including natural thyroid) for the condition, use natural vitamins after you find out what deficiencies you have, and how to diagnose or figure out if do indeed have thyroid problems disease, giving you AMAZING relief in this UNIQUE THYORID Book by the famous medical author, Dan Purser MD.

  • Have you had problems with chronic fatigue syndrome but the amphetamines your doc gave you did not help?
  • Have miserably cold hands, cold feet, cold nose and bumby and your doctor wont evaluate or treat you with more thyroid?
  • Are you fatigued all the time but despise stimulants and amphetamines which doctors seem to readily prescribe?
  • You have horrible brain fog and cannot shake it and the thyroxine doesnt help?
  • Do you need to drink energy drinks just to stay awake? And youre only 23? Why?
  • You get sick all the time but dont know why?

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